Holy Band of Inspiration & Deliverance Temple Inc.

Corporate Headquarters - 2401 Norwich Street Brunswick, Georgia 31520

Deliverance Ministry


Written testimonies of healing and deliverance:
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Pray For:
    Bro. Willie Reynolds
    Sis. Florence Russell
    Sis. Deborah Lanier
    The family of Sis. Thelma Hart

Healing and Deliverance Institute

Certificate Program

Spiritual Healing Clinic

Services Provided
  1. Spiritual Counseling services to help families through stressful situations such as, marriage counseling, single parent raising children, and grandparents raising children as appose to enjoying retirement, children struggling with bulling and other issues preventing them from happy childhood and wholesome family life. Also the clinic will provide bereavement service to those who are struggling with the loss of love ones.
  2. Classes taught by professionals on family wellness, maintaining healthy life style and Divine healing training through the laying on hands.
  3. Assist caregivers's families with chronic conditions by giving them needed time away from the chronically ill person a minimum of 3 hours monthly through our Companion Service.
  4. Praying for the sick through the laying on hands for deliverance from sickness and diseases giving people hope through Divine Healing from chronic, terminal and other health issues.
  5. Massage Therapy for tension and stress.
  6. Seminars and training.
  7. Helping leaders through spiritual support.
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